A selection landscapes in watercour and acrylic



Title: Light and shadow are the dance of love     Acrylic    Framed size 560 x 530mm    Price: £425

Title:   On the cusp of Autmn     Watercolour     Framed size 510 x 660mm    Price:  £395

Untitled    Acrylic

Title;;    Allow nature's peace to flow     Acrylic     Framed size: 480 x 560mm     Price £350

Title: Take your heart for a walk     Acrylic     Framed size 500 x 550mm    Price: £350

Title: Among the trees I stroll     Watercolour    Price:  £350

Title: Here lies the deepest secret     Acrylic    Price: £325

Title:  Sifting through the shadows     Acrylic      Framed size 550 x 550mm

Untitled    Size 400 x 500mm   Acrylic applied with palette knife

Title: On the garage shelf   Framed size 630 x 530mm    Price: £650

Title: On the kitchen shelf   Framed size 620 x 570mm    Price: £650

Title: On the florist's shelf  Framed size 660 x 500mm    Price: £375

Untitled    Size 400 x 300mm