As a diversion from my main interest of 'Dereliction' I occasionally produce other work in which 

I try different subjects and experiment with different colour palettes and compositions.

Very few have titles and even fewer have been framed !



All work shown is translucent watercolour on gesso unless otherwise stated

Title: A quiet song in the lilac dawn   Mounted size 550 x 560mm    Price: £295

Untitled    Mounted size 520 x 430mm

Untitled    Mounted size 490 x 430mm

Untitled    Mounted size 640 x 610mm

Title: The remains of the day   Framed size 680 x 580mm    Price: SOLD

Title: Morning has broken   Framed size 700 x 500mm    Price: SOLD

Title: All that remains  Framed size 650 x 50mm    Price; SOLD

Mounted unframed A3 prints avaiable £75.00

Title: Reflecting in the forest  Framed size 500 x 700mm    Price: SOLD

Untitled    Mounted size 520 x 430mm

Untitled    Size 400 x 500mm   Acrylic applied with palette knife

Title: On the garage shelf   Framed size 630 x 530mm    Price: £650

Title: On the kitchen shelf   Framed size 620 x 570mm    Price: £650

Title: On the florist's shelf  Framed size 660 x 500mm    Price: £375

Untitled    Size 400 x 300mm