Brian Robinson





 I am mostly known for my watercolour paintings of old dilapidated vehicles that are no longer in use. I try to portray the poignancy of their dereliction having once been shining bright new vehicles and describe them abandoned and falling apart. I try to draw the viewer into their story by leaving some parts undescribed with loose watery paint as though detail is unavailable and yet in other sections giving glimpses of the design and glory of the

original vehicle.


I like to add further dimension to my work by incorporating relevant collage material which I source from second-hand bookshops, libraries and the internet. This information is transferred to the painting using an iron-on method and is then embedded

into the work.


Collectors and people who love old cars have bought my paintings from far and wide, from the UK to France, Germany, and from Canada to the USA. For many years I have exhibited with The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour in their annual exhibition in the Mall Galleries London and I was awarded a prestigious prize on one of these occasions.


I always welcome photographs or information from the public about places where old abandoned vehicles can be seen so that my inspiration and subject matter is kept fresh and original.



Facebook: @brianrobinsonartist

Instagram: @brianrobinson166